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LG releases a TV as thin as an ATM card

LG has just released the world’s slimmest television. The 55 inch TV has the same thickness as an ATM and weighs just 2 pounds. The TV will be able to release its own light and does not need any internal light diode like many televisions today.

The screen is flexible and able to bend without damaging the screen. The best part about the binding screen is that it does not affect the resolution of the TV.

The screen looks more like a painting than an electronic device. However, many people are still skeptical of how practical t screen will be.

The first point of concern is that it may be too fragile and easily break. The screen also does not appear to have speakers, and it is assumed that it will need an external source of sound production.

“By all means, this can be a great innovation, but LG don’t seem to have put much thought into it,” said a tech critic. “The world does not need more fancy devices we need practical devices. I don’t see anywhere where this will be used.”

But LG used the introduction of the touch pad on phones as the perfect comparison. They said a few years ago, the touchpad on phones was viewed, just like their screens, as impractical. Today the Smartphone is the most common device on the planet.

“It is a surprise people discredit things before they even try them,” said a chief representative of LG. “Take the smartphone for instance, no on knowing how viable it would be until there actually tried them. Today, almost everyone owns the touch phones.”

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