A healthy heart and a healthy brain go hand-in-hand

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A study form the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine shows that maintaining a healthy heart results in better brain activity
By Jason Spencer | Mar 20, 2016
Whether your think with your heart or think with your brain, it's important to keep both in tip top shape. Why? Because a healthy heart and brain work together to make a healthy you.

According to The Independent researchers from the University of Miami have found a link between a healthy heart and a healthy brain. Those hailing from Miami's Miller School of Medicine recently discovered that keeping the ol' ticker in good shape can slow down memory decline.

TIME noted that about 1, 000 people over the age of 40 were surveyed for this study. Data was then collected concerning six factors that would play into a person's health: a healthy body weight, whether the individual smoked, physical activity, a good diet, good cholesterol, and a good blood pressure.

Brain tests were also then given to participants in order to analyze the correlation between a healthy heart and a healthy brain. These individuals then went through the same process six years later.

From this intensive study researchers were able to see that those who had healthy hearts were less likely to have trouble processing information. Time management, focus, and memory also seemed to be doing better in those with healthy lifestyles.

"Achieving these ideal factors is really important not just for cardiovascular health but also for brain health," said lead author Hannah Gardener. "It's important to emphasize that striving to achieve ideal levels on these seven factors may also help preserve cognitive health later in life."

And those who find it hard to maintain the ideal in all six categories have nothing to be worried about. Any sort of stride to a healthy heart can improve brain activity later in life.

"People shouldn't feel discouraged if one or two feels out of reach," said Gardener.


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