Ad blocking software is costing publishers big time

A new report shows that ad blocking software is costing advertisers billions of dollars annually.
By Aaron Sims | Aug 20, 2015
While advertisements can often feel unwanted and invasive, they are the lifeblood of the internet. Advertising sustains the vast majority of available content, but pesky popups and data mining software bring up serious issues about the user's experience online. Noble programmers have developed a set of tools called Ad blockers, that push aside some of the less pleasing adverts and streamline the online experience.

According to a report from the New York Times, however, the free software is costing online advertisers a pretty penny. Ad blockers have been around for years, but more and more people are adopting their use as a crucial part of the online experience.

While the software undeniably improves the internet for the user, many publishers and advertisers have taken issue with the falling revenues. A new report from Adobe and PageFair estimated that ad blocking software has cost publishers a shocking $22 billion this year alone. 200 million people are currently using ad blocking software, representing a 41 percent global increase over the last year.

Most ad blockers are used on desktop web browsers, but Apple's new iOS9 will include support for the software when it is released this fall.

With the use of ad blockers on the rise, and the very real possibility that an influx of mobile users will make the increase even steeper, online publishers are facing a huge issue. Savvy advertisers will respond to the consumer's demand for less invasive adverts, and the best advertisements will be the ones users don't realize they're viewing.


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