Amazon Make first commercial drone delivery

Amazon has done their first commercial delivery using their anticipated drone system.
By Aaron Sims | Dec 14, 2016
Amazon has done their first commercial delivery using their anticipated drone system. The drone made the 2.5-mile journey from Cambridge UK.

It carried a Fire TV and a bag of popcorn weighing 4.7 pounds and flying bellow 400 meters. It took 30 minutes to deliver the package that was ordered a week ago.

Amazon says that they are looking to make deliveries under one hour after infusing their new tech.
Amazon is the first company to make commercial deliveries using drones as the Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos so proudly tweeted. "First-ever #AmazonPrimeAir customer delivery is in the books."

Amazon says that they will start small in the rural parts of the UK as they attempt to make the product more viable. They have made out a 5.2 square four radius as their demo location.

They are intent to deliver every day of the week using the drones on packages that way bellow five pounds. This is already 87 percent of all their products.

But the viability of this product in urban Ad city areas is a little farfetched according to tech experts.
It's an interesting logistical concept, but not particularly viable in an urban environment, " said Ivan Hofmann, a former FedEx executive, and transportation consultant. "I don't look for one to deliver in downtown Manhattan anytime soon."

But the steps Amazon has made are quite impressive all the same. In 2012 Alphabet formed a department of using drones, but due to limited development and realization space, they shut the project down. It was later dropped in 2014 by former employees saying they still have not made any significant progress.


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