Amber Rose: I don't care what you say about me

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Rose is in a Twitter feud with her ex, Kanye West.
By Ian Marsh | Mar 17, 2016
Amber Rose is lashing out at critics in a new op-ed for Time after years of being ridiculed for her life choices.

Rose, known for her relationships with celebrities including Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, and for being the author of "How to Be a Bad Bitch, " said she doesn't care anymore if people call her a "slut," according to an report.

Rose said she used to be hurt by such an insult, but she has recently started to not care, asthere's nothing she can do about it. It's helped her sleep a lot better lately, she says.

The op-ed comes in the midst of a feud between West and Khalifa, according to a New York Daily News report. Rose was angry with West, who she said crossed a line when she brought up her son with Khalifa in a Twitter rant. She called West a "f---ing clown." She said she would never bring up other people's kids in an argument, and to do so was a low blow by West.

West and Rose were together from 2008 to 2010. West started the controversy by arguing Khalifa shouldn't change his album titled to "Waves" because he didn't come up with the Wave style of hip-hop. The argument escalated from there, leading West to say the Khalifa had let a stripper "trap" him, and that Wiz would not have 2-year-old son Sebastian if it wasn't for him. This prompted Rose to make a taunting remark about West's sex life on the social network.


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