Ancient bird wing found preserved in perfect condition

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The researchers discovered that the wing was actually over 100 million years old.
By Kristy Douglas | Aug 14, 2016
Many, if not all dinosaurs are believed to have been feathered. Scientists believe that Aves are closer relatives to dinosaurs than reptiles. The scientific community is, therefore, excited to discover a bird wing from the dinosaur error preserved perfectly in amber.
Amber state fossils are usually too small for scientists learn much from it. However, a big section of the wing is preserved, around 0.3 grams. The scientists are now able to research more on the relationship between birds and dinosaurs.
The researchers discovered that the wing was actually over 100 million years old. It contained bone, cartilage and feathers. They also mentioned that the bird's structure is quite similar to the modern birds, indicating that birds haven't evolved much over the centuries.
"The biggest problem we face with feathers in amber is that we usually get small fragments or isolated feathers, and we're never quite sure who produced them," says researcher and book writer Ryan McKellar. "We don't get something like this. It's mind-blowingly cool."
The group of scientists acknowledged that the feathers were set in an asymmetrical way indicating that the bird was a flightless bird. The size and the texture of the muscle and feathers also show that the bird was still young.
The bird species are, however, undefined the fossil is still not enough to distinguish its species. There is hope, however. The fossil was found in a mine at Kachin state, northern Myanmar. Excavation had stopped due to a conflict between the miners. The conflict has since been disputed, and mining and excavation are set to be more, intensity.


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