Ancient man discovered to have worn a hat

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He was discovered in 1991 in a mummified form and remains today one of the best-preserved fossils.
By Ian Marsh | Oct 11, 2016
It seems that ancient man also had a fashion sense as it has been discovered that they wore hats. These people lived in the Alps and researchers have always been inquisitive to learn how they managed to survive such extreme temperatures.

Studies have been carried out extensively on Iceman Oetzi, and an ancient humanoid believed to have died 5600 years ago. He was discovered in 1991 in a mummified form and remains today one of the best-preserved fossils.

DNA tests have recently revealed that the ancient man actually wore some kind of clothes, The DNA tests show that apart his genes their two other DNA remnants on the fossil. Further research indicates that the DNA actually belonged to brown bear and a deer.

The scientists say that he used the bear skin to make a hat and coat while he used the deerskin to make a leather quilt. This is further proof that ancient man dressed up and was a skilled hunter at that.

"We think that if we do some more digging into the DNA tests, we may find that his suit may have come from more animal hid than just the two discovered so far," said Niall O'Sullivan chief researcher on the study. "I wouldn't be supervised if we found the DNA of Cows, sheep, and goats, we are discovering that ancient man was more intelligent than we gave them credit for."

The scientist explains that the processes have been hard, but he believes that the fossil still has a lot more to offer to suffice it being discovered over 20 years ago.


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