Britney Spears performance not good enough at the VMAs

The only problem was it came after Beyonce.
By Josh Curlee | Sep 09, 2016
Britney Spears felt like she was ready again to be the main event. And indeed so did MTV as they hyped and sold her as the comeback queen The MTV billboards and posters were painted with Britney Spears, the comeback.

To her credit, she gave a performance that she has not given for the past ten years. This really cemented her place as the comeback queen of pop. Her performance was good and well choreographed. The only problem was it came after Beyonce.

"The Queen Bee" had an absolutely stunning performance few if any have ever reached those levels. There was no lip syncing just her on stage singing and dancing her heart out. Many artists will acknowledge that there are few things as difficult as dancing and singing live on stage. All you have to do is look at Rihanna's performance, and hear how out of breath she was.

But Beyonce was flawless, she executed the moves correctly, and the singing was many would argue better than the recorded version. As she got off the stage, the audience went into delirium, many believing that they have just witnessed history and taken part in the making of Beyonce's immortality.

MTV itself took to Twitter to acknowledge the performance. "I think I need a moment after watching @beyonce's #VMA performance," read a tweet from the network. And still an hour later the MTV was not over it and sent out another twit, "Still trying to recover from Beyonce's #VMAs performance, tbh."
Many argue that any other night Spears' performance would be the best of the evening. But perhaps the decision to follow Beyonce ruined an otherwise good performance.


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