Caitlyn Jenner Takes up Trump's offer

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Donald Trump has been one of the politicians who have been strongly against.
By Kristy Douglas | Jun 13, 2016
Donald Trump recently said on live TV that he was completely Against the Northern California gender Bill. The bill has been high lightened due to its transgender focus and most notably how they have to use the bathroom of their gender birth.

Donald Trump has been one of the politicians who have been strongly against. He asked Caitlyn Jenner to use whatever bathroom, she likes whenever she is in any Trump building. Caitlyn decided to take Trump up on that and visited Trump towers.

On a video recording that she posted later on Facebook, the former Baywatch actress was filmed entering Trump towers and entering the women's toilet. After she had finished her business, she walked out and said that everyone has to relieve themselves. She also had time to take a swipe at Ted Cruz by asking if anyone had been molested in the bathroom.

"Donald Trump said I could take a pee anywhere at a Trump facility, so I am gonna take a piss in the ladies room," said Jenner. "By the way Ted, nobody got molested." Ted Cruz has stated that he will not support grown men pretending to be women share a bathroom with little girls.

Cruz has accused Trump of politicizing the matter and using it for his own political gain. He accused Trump of being the biggest Politically correct individual and yet decided to side step this issue to get some support. Suffice Ted's very oral argument, there has been no attack by any transgender persons in a restroom. Jenner was actually supporting Cruz before his stand.


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