California to legalize recreational marijuana

However, an argument that the drug does not have the intoxication levels to be illegal has been cropping up.
By Aaron Sims | Aug 14, 2016
Weed is one of the most controversial drugs in the system. It had been illegal for a long time stating medical facts and psychological imbalance. However, its strong calming and pain relieving effects made it legalized as a medical drug to relieve diseases like cancer. Medicinal marijuana was then legally sold as a medical product for a long time. However, an argument that the drug does not have the intoxication levels to be illegal has been cropping up.

In 2010 California went to the ballot in an attempt to legalize recreational marijuana. The campaign failed. However, a new campaign has been created by co-Facebook founder Sean Parker and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

They argue that the system to control weed is costly and inactive. They say they see no need to have such stringent measures for a product that actually has more benefits than downsides. They are looking for a better-controlled system where marijuana is legal but to some extent.

"Today marks a fresh start for California as we prepare to replace the costly, harmful and ineffective system of prohibition," said Jason Kinney a Marijuana activist and spokesperson. "With a safe, legal and responsible adult-use marijuana system that gets it right and ultimately pays for itself,"

Under the new regulations, only persons over the age of 21 will be able to use, and use only a specified amount, transport it and grow up to six plants of marijuana. The campaign has raised almost $4 million and rising.

The opposition, however, is hoping that the campaign will fail. They say that under the new lawyers, ex-cons will be able to grow and sell the plant, making it even harder to control the drug.


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