Data solution finally achieved with 5D storage

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The small disc, almost the size of a fingernail can hold over 360 terabytes.
By James Carlin | Jun 09, 2016
The University of Southampton has developed a new way of data storage called femtosecond writing. It is a type of data storage, which uses super fast laser beams to write data in short light impulses on a disc in three layers.

The impulses are 0.005 millimeters apart and in 3D format. The small disc, almost the size of a fingernail can hold over 360 terabytes. Its properties mean that data is able to stay viable for approximately 14 billion years.

The nano-material product used in making the disc is fire resistant and can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius. The critical compacting nature of the data compartments within the disc also allows it to be water resistant.

The data storage device would fit ideally for companies with the need for a lot of storage space or the need to store data for a long time. The team has already commenced, storage of data from the Bible and other classic pieces of literature. " It is thrilling because data can now be preserved for posterity," said Peter Kazansky, one of the lead scientists in the research.
The scientists ar3 now looking for ways to make the product commercially available. They intend to approach companies like Facebook, who need to store large volumes of data in the beta stage of the technology.

They also look to preserve data for future generations, so that they can understand their history better. This would be a significant step forward regarding information storage as it stores less space needing little man power, especially for data intensive companies.


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