Donald Trump makes headlines at Ohio rally

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GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, left an Ohio rally with some memorable quotes.
By Paul Pate | Aug 14, 2016
GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, left an Ohio rally with some memorable quotes.

The rally, held Wednesday, was originally to be a platform for Trump to speak about U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, recommending Hillary Clinton not be charged as a result of her private e-mail server scandal.

Trump instead used the opportunity to speak on a number of topics, including the posting, and then removal, of a six point starwhich many took to be a Jewish Star of David onTwitter.

"[The star] could've been a star for anything," said Trump, who refused to take credit for the removal of the tweet.

"You [campaign staffers] shouldn't have taken it down," said Trump. "They took the star down. I said too bad, you should have left it up. I would have rather defended it. Just leave it up. And say no, that's just a star."

Trump went on to call the media sick and accuse them of racially profiling the tweet, addingthat his Social Media Director is married to a Jewish woman.

Trump also spoke about accusations that he was a supporter of Saddam Hussein.

"I wake up, I turn on the television: Donald Trump loves Saddam Hussein," remarked Trump. "He loves Saddam HusseinThat's not what I said. That's not what I said. So that's the narrative that goes around."

According to Trump, he simply said that he appreciated Hussein being good at killing terrorists.

"I don't love Saddam Hussein. I hate Saddam Hussein," said Trump. "But he was damn good at killing terrorists."


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