Eight year old transgender kicked out of cub scouts

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By Dirk Trudeau | Dec 30, 2016
Joe Maldonado was born a girl and joined the New Jersey Cub Scout pack 87 in late September.

According to his mother Kristie Maldonado, Joe's transgender identity was not kept a secret, and he was readily accepted into the pack. One month later, Kristie received a phone call from a cub scout official who went on to inform her that her child was no longer welcome to be a part of the Cubs and that only boys were allowed.

Born as Jodi, Joe has been identified as a boy all through and changed his name legally a couple of years ago. Before he went on to second grade, Kristie had permitted her son to cut his hair short, and come out as a boy, and even the school had readily accepted his status.

But complaints from other parents must have been the reason Joe was kicked out of cub scouts according to Kristie Maldonado. She also adds her son loves the outdoors and was keen to learn sailor's knots and catch frogs, and was having the time of his life, but as it stands, all his hopes have been dashed.

Efforts to get the local scouting organization to comment on the allegations have been futile so far.
Kristie is considering legal action against the New Jersey Cub Scouts, but she also adds that an apology and immediate reinstatement of Joe back to the Cub Scouts and to what he loves, would do just fine.


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