Elizabeth Warren continues her attack on Trump

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Massachusetts) is continuing her war of words with Donald Trump.
By Alex Bourque | Aug 14, 2016
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, Massachusetts) is continuing her war of words with Donald Trump.

On Saturday morning, Warren attacked the decision by Trump to select Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, as his Vice Presidential running mate.

"@realDonaldTrump & @mike_pence are a perfect match: Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people," tweeted Warren. "Of COURSE @realDonaldTrump a guy who calls women fat pigs & bimbos picked a VP who is famous for trying to control women's bodies."

Warren also attacked Pence for his part in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would allow business owners to not serve certain people on a religious basis.

The Act was seen as a way for some to legally discriminate against the LGBT community. Pressure from both sides of the political aisle forced Pence to revise his legislation.

"And OF COURSE @realDonaldTrump a guy who "[doesn't] feel good" about marriage equality picked a VP famous for LGBT discrimination," decried Warren on Twitter.

Trump, who never backs down from criticism, returned fire at Warren.

"If Goofy Elizabeth Warren, a very weak Senator, didn't lie about her heritage (being Native American) she would be nothing today. Pick her H," tweeted Trump, daring Hillary Clinton to pick Warren as a running mate.

Warren did not back down either.

"Nasty name-calling & lies about my family aren't going to shut me up, @realDonaldTrump. Is that really all you've got?" replied Warren. "Pres Reagan's Solicitor General was the Harvard prof who hired me, @realDonaldTrump. He says your right-wing conspiracy theories are a lie."


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