Encryption battle to take a step further

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With the company's whole model based on the people who visit it, having good encryption with poor usability would be redundant.
By Harry Marcolis | Jun 13, 2016
Apple is in court battling the government over encryption files. The technology mogul is fighting the government against giving them messages that link the San Bernardino shooting. The company argues that releasing the information would conflict with the agreement established between the client and their institution.
Asthe other technology giants have also joined the fight, taking the fight to the government before the government comes to them. Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat are looking to upgrade their encryption to ensure both their info and the user is safe.
However, this is not the first time a technology giant tried to upgrade their security. In 2014, Twitter decided the same thing. The biggest obstacle was that the new encryptions would make using Tweeter less user-friendly. With the company's whole model based on the people who visitit, having good encryption with poor usability would be redundant.
But the Apple vs. The state case is the not the first time the law and a tech giant conflicted. In Brazil in 2015, the police arrested the chief executive manager for their inability to track drug dealers Whatsapp messages.
The US government thinks that indeed the tech companies are going too far. "If the government can't get in, then everyone's walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket, right?" He said. He is for putting online control security.
But tech companies are not looking at the move to give the government information as a bad thing. Facebook's chief of operations Sheryl Sandberg. To say that it would be very beneficial for the government to work with such companies to fight groups like ISIS. It is just about how much information they can share.


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