European Space Agency broadcasting live Mars landing

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The European Space Agency will broadcast a live landing on Mars.
By Alex Bourque | Nov 03, 2016
The European Space Agency will broadcast a live landing on Mars.

The ExoMars 2016 project has announced and is scheduled todrop a probe on the surface of Mars on Wednesday October, 19. The European Space Agencywill provide a live online broadcast so that millions around the globe can view the event. The live viewing event will begin on Sunday October, 16 and will include the spacecraft separation.

The European Space Agency has announced that it will provide three separate live broadcasts of ExoMars 2016 stages over the next calendar week. The first is the aforementioned lander separation from itsorbiting satellite. The second is the lander touching down on Mars. The third and final live coverage event will be an official mission status update that is due from the apparatus on Thursday October, 20.

Most people have expressed interest in tuning in for the actual landing on Mars, which will occur in two parts. Both parts can be viewed either via the European Space Agency live webcast page or the European Space Agency Facebook page.

ExoMars 2016 is purported to be simply a precursor to a Mars rover mission that is hoped to return samples from the Red Planet. According to the European Space Agency, the Mars rover mission will likely launch in 2020. The ExoMars 2016 mission is made up of the Schiaparelli lander and the Trace Gas Orbiter, an orbiting satellite. The point of the mission is to help test out technologies that will hopefully be sufficient for the 2020 Mars rover mission.


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