Exclusive sneak peek at Blackberry's new Android, Venice

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Blackberry has been relatively silent, but new leaked photos suggest that the company is about to burst back onto the scene with it's new Android-powered device, Venice.
By Aaron Sims | Aug 30, 2015
Blackberry ruled the mobile phone game about ten years ago, and the company is seeking to burst back on to the scene with a new phone that combines some of the best features from early Blackberries with the modern capability of a fully functioning Android device.

According to a report from Engadget, Vietnamese resident Ba Minh Duc claims to have sneaked a peek of the new phone and even to have captured photos of the device in action. Duc's photos reveal a hidden QWERTY keyboard, 18-megapixel camera, and a curved screen.

Despite bearing a resemblance to earlier models, the new Venice phone has a number of new distinguishing features. The power button has migrated to the side of the device, and the body appears slightly buliker than previous photos have suggested. The phone is undoubtedly still in its testing phases, and will very likely change numerous times before the final version is released.

Blackberry attracted a following of loyal fans for its intuitive hardware layout, but as smartphones began to dominate the market the company struggled to stay relevant. Now, by adopting Android operating system technology, Blackberry hopes that it can reenter the market as a competitive option against more popular phones like the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy series.

The customization options with Androids are sure to please the pickier consumer, while the keyboard and solid sliding features will feel 'right' in the hands of seasoned Blackberry users.


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