Facebook celebrates its birthday in a unique way

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The video is a combination of all your favorite moments on Facebook.
By James Carlin | Feb 22, 2016
On this day 12 years ago Facebook was launched. The company has grown to be one of the most valuable enterprises in the world. People can view a video today dubbed 'friends day video' on their timeline.

The video is a combination of all your favorite moments on Facebook. It chains together all your favorite friends and shows what you have been through with them. This includes who you interact most through likes, shares and comments. The video has an option of altering the pictures in the video before you share it.
"The acts of friendship, love and kindness we all share on Facebook are changing the world every day in ways we can't fully measure, " founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg said. "Sometimes they just make people in our lives feel a bit more loved. Sometimes friendship becomes a force that sets us on a different path in life. Sometimes friendship moves the world."
The company has grown significantly, especially in the last year after many thought it was being left behind by other social media giants. But their video sharing capability has helped the company gain notable momentum once again.
The company has also registered the biggest number of users on their site from any social media company. With major purchases such as Instagram, the company is looking to venture now into video chats. The first Facebook video chat has already been released on the Facebook app on iPhone. They have also made significant strides with their Facebook Lite app that allows you to browse using slow internet connection efficiently.


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