Facebook innovate yet another we to hook people longer to their applications

Facebook has introduced instant gaming via HTML5 to keep people hooked to Messenger.
By Harry Marcolis | Nov 30, 2016
Facebook has introduced instant gaming via HTML5 to keep people hooked to Messenger.

Facebook's success has been one of the most phenomenal achievements by any company in recent years. Many people expected it to die off, but against the belief it has managed to reinvent itself at every turn.

With Messenger struggling to compete with other instant messaging boards like Whatsapp, they have been unable to control or even tap into this avenue. However, By recently introducing instant gaming, this entices people to stay longer on Messenger.

If people stay more engaged on Messenger, it gives Facebook a perfect avenue to develop another revenue stream trough ad. Gaming companies can also use the platform to launch new games or create awareness by giving the users a little "sneak Plays" for the larger game on their platform.

But what makes this a big win for Facebook, is that the games are directly built on HTML5 a, therefore, do not need to be downloaded just played instantly.

"Facebook actually tested the potential for Messenger games by creating its own. It's basketball shoot-out game was played 1.2 billion times, much more than the company expected," said Josh Constine from TechCrunch. "I played all 17 of the games, and was impressed by how they quickly load in three to ten seconds considering the high-quality graphics and gameplay."

Facebook has introduced the games to just over 30 countries as they release the first phase of the project. The games can be found directly on the Messenger app next to the stickers.


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