Facebook now flagging fake news through fact checker

By Tracy Williams | Dec 16, 2016
We have lost count of the number of times we have come across posts that are misleading with no iota of truth on the 2 billion strong social media site, Facebook.

The fake news feeds stoop even as little as reported a 'death' of a celebrity who is otherwise alive and well. And that is just one case. The good news is, this is going to be a thing of the past shortly, and the train has left the station already.

With the help of reputable news organizations such as Associated Press(AP) and ABC News and websites that deal with lies, rumors and general fact checking such as FactCheck.org, Snopes, and Politifact, fake news posts are in for tough times.

This is how it will work. Any post suspected to be a hoax, rumor or not verifiable by the above named will be pushed further and further down the pecking order of privileged posts. In addition to that, there is a possibility a warning will accompany a suspect post.

"We're not looking to get into the grey area of opinion," Facebook's VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri tells me. "What we are focusing on with this work is specifically the worst of the work clear hoaxes that were shared intentionally, usually by spammers, for financial gain."

It will also be easier to report such posts as well, with a top right corner menu drop down menu being created in the News Feed. This will make the posts less likely to be shared by other users.
It is a delicate balancing act though to ensure the free flow of information is not curtailed. And for long term purposes, people who post fake information will be marked in order make News Feeds more reliable and dependable to all social media users.


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