Facebook's new bot to understand everything you write

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There are over 400,000 stories updated on Facebook every minute.
By James Smith | Jun 02, 2016
Facebook is ready to roll out their new interface-bot called Deep Text. The program will be able to read writings on Facebook and help redirect the status better. If you update something about a device, it will be able to show that status to people interested in such devices. If you put up a status about a device you are looking for, you will be shown the status of people looking to sell such devices.

But perhaps the most interesting bit about the new Facebook-bot is that it is more interactive with users. It goes as far as the Facebook Messenger. If you text someone you need a ride, the bot will suggest it calls you an Uber or Facebook Ride.

It will also be able to look at comment content on the site and pop up more relevant comments first. "We are looking for a situation where Deep Text has human accuracy," said a Facebook spokesperson. "We are seeing significant efficiency even though Facebook has one of the biggest user base, making it difficult to implement something like this."

There are over 400,000 stories updated on Facebook every minute. This would be quite the ground to cover by Deep Text. However, it will be able to look at insulting or racist updates removing them immediately.

Users are concerned that this may infringe their privacy. Facebook has already faced backlash for openly admitting that it monitors messages. However, the tech giant argues that it will be a bot scanning through keywords of the text and not actually someone profiling the content.


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