Ford Motor Company praises Trump business policies

Ford CFO, Bob Shanks, is excited about the business policies of U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.
By Billy Kirk | Dec 03, 2016
Ford CFO, Bob Shanks, is excited aboutthe business policies of U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.

The Chief Financial Officer of Ford Motor Company, Bob Shanks, is publicly appreciative of the pro business mindset of United States of America President Elect Donald Trump. The change to a Trump administration would likely damage Ford business, but Shanks believes that the changes would be beneficial in the long run. Trump has on multiple occasions threatened to punish automotive companies such as Ford for moving production jobs to foreign soil. Ford small car production is currently achieved in the United States of Mexico.

"Trade probably is one (area) that we are concerned about," admittedShanks. "On trade we will have to see...I think he is starting to put people around him who know part of that business.and recognize the incredible integration of Mexico and Canada and the United States."

According to Shanks, even though, there may be initial punishments, he hopes a Trump administration will lead to corporate tax reform. He also hopes that Trump will have the business savvy to ease greenhouse gas regulations and fuel economy regulations. These regulations are scheduled to be enforced between the years 2020 and 2025. Trump and his administration have repeatedly voiced the belief that theories positing man-caused global warming are not scientifically supported.

"I think governing and the campaign are two different things," said Shanks tothe Free Press. "I am hopeful and optimistic that this change in tone will carry forward into policies that ... will be quite different than the prior administration but will be positive for growth."


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