How does Kanye West have $53 million in personal debt?

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The rapper tweeted today that he has a massive amount of personal debt.
By Josh Curlee | Mar 16, 2016
Nothing is ever as it seems. While you may think that the life of a hip hop star like Kanye West's is full of parties, champagne and a constant stream of income, you would be surprised to learn of some of the financial problems famous musicians face. According to a USA Today report, Kanye tweeted recently that he has racked up at least $53 million in personal debt.

The announcement came right before his new album, The Life of Pablo was slated to be released. Fans could hardly believe the news, but it's true. Kanye unleashed a series of puzzling tweets, revealing his personal debt and asking Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in "the greatest artist of all time."

Kanye made things even more confusing with further tweets. While he posted the $53 million number, he also stated that he was still able to buy furs and houses for his family. He claims to still be rich, but needs access to more money so that the can carry out more of his "beautiful" ideas.

Kanye unleashed his new album at a massive event at Madison Square Garden last week, alongside the new installment of the Yeezy fashion line. Kanye begged users to sign up for Tidal, Jay-Z's online music streaming service. He said that he wouldn't start selling the album for another week, and began calling out wealthy tech executives for listening to his music but failing to support him as an artist.

Are Kanye's expectations too big to be realistic? With a new album and a growing fashion line, the artist's expenses may be more than his ambitions are generating.



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