Hyperlapse for iPhone released, speeding up time

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Instagram's new Hyperlapse app is being hailed as the Instagram for video, and it has a number of great uses. For example, this app could allow anyone to be a wildlife videographer.
By David Sims | Aug 30, 2014
Instagram has released a new app for making time-lapse videos called Hyperlapse. There are a number of great uses for this app, one of those being recording nature videos and another being to document daily life.

Basically, the app records a film and selects frames at intervals to make it look like time is moving quicker. All the user has to do is tap a button to start recording, tap it again to stop, select the playback speed and then tap to save it or upload to Facebook or Instagram.

Currently the app is only available for iPhone with no Android version in sight, unless, Instagram says, Android devices adapt their camera and gyroscope API's.

Some are saying that the app could essentially do for videos what Instagram did for videos.

A report byForbes hints that the app could be used for much more than just documenting daily life, but that it also has great potential for wildlife videos. Not only could the videos be really interesting, but it is much easier and cheaper for someone to simply pull out their smartphone and start filming than to set up expensive video equipment for a professional documentary.

One of the main selling points of Hyperlapse is the fact that it is so easy to use. The necessary controls are right at the users fingertips, without the addition of more complex controls that the average user might not want or need. There's no need for extra apps or services to capture, edit or upload video, and the app is quite intuitive.

Hyperlapse is available for iPhone, and while there is no Android version yet hopefully there will be one sometime in the future.


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