India bans Free Basics from Facebook

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Facebook had earlier introduced a free package app that allowed people to browse the site for free.
By James Carlin | Mar 08, 2016
India has the second highest Facebook users after the US. It has also taken second place in Smartphone usage after surpassing the US this year, only bettered by China. It is, therefore, one of the largest marketplaces for the social media company.
Facebook had earlier introduced a free package app that allowed people to browse the site for free. In collaboration with Free Basics, the social media mogul had blocked other competitors from offering free data usage of their applications.
The other organizations and local Indian companies brought about a debate that has been going on for months asking for data neutrality. "Vested interests have tried to mold public debate on Net Neutrality as pitting those who support net neutrality against those who advocate providing access to the masses. This is pure propaganda with no basis in reality," said an Indian investor. "The aspirations of our youth to solve our problems show great promise, but need to be protected and nurtured for the sake of our future."

Many companies argue that Facebook used the free internet access to their site to monopolize the country social media. In turn, there would take over the lion's share of advertising revenue. Other companies also argued that the users would not know any better as they did not know what they signed up for.
India now has a corresponding data usage module across all sites, and experts believe that the even playing ground will only serve to help the industry grow due to maximum competition. Free-Basics is also established in multiple countries. Many believe it is only a matter of time before the other nations follow India in doing the same.


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