Jeremy Jordan and Heartlight Ministries continue feud over "gay conversion therapy"

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Supergirl actor, Jeremy Jordan, is attempting to "free" his gay cousin from a Texas boarding school.
By Aaron Sims | Jun 10, 2016
Supergirl actor, Jeremy Jordan, is attempting to "free" his gay cousin from a Texas boarding school.

"Please take a moment to help us save my dear sweet gay cousin Sarah," wrote Jordan in a Facebook post. "She needs our help, and is trapped against her will at a terrible facility in Texas."

According to Jordan, his cousin, age 17, was taken to Heartlight Ministries, a"residential counseling program for teenagers who struggle with a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues," in an effort to "pray away" her gay after she attended her high school prom with another girl.

Jordan claimed that Sarah has not been permittedto contact people outside of the school and announced that his family had hired an attorney in the hopes of extracting the young woman.

Jordan and his brother started a social media campaign that included a GoFundMe to have Sarah released from the school. The GoFundMe has raised over $60,000 in attorney fees and is seeking approximately$100 thousand in total.

According toMark Gregston, the founder and Executive Director of Heartlight Ministries, Sarah is no longer at the school.

"Should [Sarah]ever personally choose to return, we would welcome her with open arms," wrote Gregston. "It is disheartening to see that this young woman has had elements of her story made widely public without her consent,"

"The assertion that this teen was held at Heartlight Ministries against her will, or that Heartlight provides any 'treatment' services for sexual identity, are categorically untrue," continued Gregston.



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