Kanye has another meltdown

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Kanye said he had ideas that could help humanity.
By Pat Freedman | Jun 01, 2016
Kanye the rapper more famous for Twitter wars, and being the No 1 Taylor Swift Hater did it again on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Kanye West, the Life of Pablo Album Creator was in a live interview on Thursday.
They discussed having kids with Kim Kardashian. The role of his daughter North West in the Kardashian clan. Kanye found himself in a war of words yet again. It seems like if anyone wants to get Kanye talking all one has to do is mention social media.

Kim Kardashian's husband regrets his 53 million Facebook offers. He admitted to having had dinner with Mark and his wife in the past. Blaming a lack of resources as the reason why he could not help more people. Kanye said he had ideas that could help humanity.

He is aware of the current reawakening period the planet is going through. Going ahead to mention Oscar award winners who began as minimum wage employees. The age of 9-5 is coming to an end according to Kanye.

"We are no longer in the place where people can have only one career," Kanye said, the Yeezy Brand creator. Ellen Degeneres was stunned by Kanye words that everyone ought to have a beautiful life.
Kanye's rhetoric has changed in the past couple of months. He talks about changing the world with his artistic skills and making a difference to humankind. Skeptics and critics have not let him rest on the matter.

Regarding his Yeezy brand, he says he is ready to be the Michael Jackson of the fashion world. Drawing from history, he recalled how at one time MTV did not want to air Michael Jackson videos.


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