Kanye West flips out backstage at SNL

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An audio recording of Kanye West going on a rant backstage before his performance on SNL has recently surfaced.
By Aaron Sims | Mar 19, 2016
Is it really even that much of a surprise anymore? The latest in Kanye West news reveals that the rapper has been quoted again singing his own praise after an audio recording of a pre-SNL performance freak-out was leaked this week. According to a report from People, Mr. West was allegedly reacting to a last-minute change in the set design ahead of his performance.

But that may not have been all there was to the recording. He also mentioned his renewed beef with pop star Taylor Swift, calling her a "fake ass." Is Taylor Swift making a move on Kanye after the rapper embarrassed her during her 2009 MTV VMA acceptance speech?

Or is it something Kanye has done more recently that rekindled the feud? Swift explained in August that she and Kanye had become friends that was, until she heard one of the lines on Kanye's new album, The Life of Pablo.

On the track "Famous," Kanye all but takes credit for making the pop star famous quite literally. "I Feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why, I made that b*tch famous / God damn / I made that b*tch famous," he rapped over the track.

Swift addressed the bold lyrics in her Grammy acceptance speech earlier this week, telling her fans that they shouldn't let people take credit for their accomplishments, fame, or success.

West, having made headlines earlier this week after claiming that he had $53 million in personal debt and asking Mark Zuckerberg for a $1 billion investment, has not yet responded to inquiries about the recording.


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