Karl Rove: Romney will reveal his vice presidential pick soon

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By Wilson Soto | Aug 08, 2012
Former senior adviser to former President George W. Bush believes presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney could make his vice presidential decision as early as Friday.

The Romney campaign recently told supporters via its presidential campaign website that the announcement would be made initially through a smartphone app, that is available for both the iPhone and Android.

"We could get one on Friday because they've got a bus tour announced for four days in key battleground states that starts on Saturday," said Mr. Rove during an interview with Fox News Tuesday. "My gut tells me though that it's more likely to come next week. I think Romney is going to spend this bus tour laying out his the grass-roots plan that he laid out last week, called the 'Plan for the Middle Class.' I think he's going to try to give that some depth and substance."

Rumors exploded after the Republican National Committee recently released the names of some of the speakers selected to speak at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Among them is former Bush administration official Condoleeza Rice, who has been highly discussed as a VP pick for Mr. Romney, although many conservatives have said she will not get the nod because of her pro-choice views on abortion.

However, Mrs. Rice would be an interesting selection for Mr. Romney, as she is well-liked throughout the Republican party despite her pro-choice stance and she would also be the first African-American female vice presidential candidate. The former secretary of state could also help Mr. Romney and the Republican party to attract more African-American voters, as nationwide polling continues to show that African-Americans and minority voters overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama.

Other speakers for the convention that have been announced include South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, also two well respected minority female Republicans.

Although Mr. Rove said the announcement could come as early as Friday, he added that there was still no telling when Mr. Romney would make his selection. The Romney campaign has been secretive in their approach to their VP selection, although Mr. Romney has mentioned that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was being thoroughly vetted by his campaign at one point, he has not mentioned any other Republican officials that he is considering for his VP selection.

"But who knows? I think he's close to a decision. He is clearly being very serious in his approach to this. My gut tells me that it's going to come a little bit later than this week, but it could come as early as Friday," said Mr. Rove, adding that he is refusing to speculate just who Mr. Romney is considering selecting after previously failing to predict the VP selections of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden in 2008.

Mr. Rove also commented on a recent television ad run by the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA, where a former employee of a steel mill owned by Bain Capital links the death of his late wife to Mr. Romney and Bain's decision to close the steel mill.

"What they're basically trying to say is this is sort of the Hail Mary pass, this is when people in campaigns get desperate and go over the top," said Mr. Rove.


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