Kylie Jenner Lip Craze of 2015 resulted in thousands of lip enhancement procedures

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Luscious lips are in, mostly in thanks to socialite Kylie Jenner, with over 279,000 reported receiving lip injections in 2015 alone
By Jason Spencer | Apr 22, 2016
The Kylie Jennie Lip Craze of 2015 didn't stop with challenges to suck a shot glass that landed people in the hospital. A need to have luscious lips like the young socialite has resulted in an increased number of lip enhancement procedures, no shot glass needed.

According to Maine News Online, 2015 was the year of lip augmentation, with over 279,000 women seeing plastic surgeons for a lip injection in 2015 alone. This trend saw a spark with celebrities like Kylie Jenner flaunting plump, pouty lips.

"Many come in saying they want her lips," said Dr. David Shafer to Mashable. "She certainly has a huge impact on lip injections and the transformation is obvious and is remarkable on her social media."

However, the trend really started in 2000, as the numbers of people going under the needle have risen 50% over the last 15 years. In fact, plastic surgery itself has hit a record high, with the majority of patients opting for butt, lower body, or breast lifts.

Lip enhancement remains the most popular though. Dr. Norman Rowe explains that it's a fairly quick procedure, giving "the look of being surgically augmented but without the time."

"Patients are very likely to undergo the procedure because it is usually a quick one, has immediate results and has a dramatic effect on the patient persona," said Rowe.

Not surprisingly, it's millennials that are opting for lip enhancement, with 70% of females and 30% of males forking over the money needed for the procedure, a good $750-$950 according to People.

"More and more we are seeing younger clients doing minor lip enhancement," said Dr. David Colbert. "There is a growing pressure from the Instagram selfie generation to look your best online. It's almost as if cyber reality has outdone simple life."


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