LG uses an ingenious marketing approach to launching its new phone

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G has released the cover of their new phone with the phrase; what came first, the phone or the casing?
By David Sims | Mar 18, 2016
With LG competing with some of the biggest tech giants in the Smartphone industry, they have had to try different promotional gimmicks to get some attention. The annual Mobile World Congress will mean the company will be on the same platform as Sony and Samsung, who have already got significant media coverage for their 2016 flagship phones.
LG has released the cover of their new phone with the phrase; what came first, the phone or the casing? The cover introduces the new LG Smartphone as a phone with the screen always on. The cover is touch sensitive, allowing the phone to be used without flipping open the casing.
The case also has a small rectangular gap on the screen side of the housing. The window will have time, date and notification information. To top it all off the cover will be semi-transparent. "We are very excited to be the first in the market to have this approach," said head of marketing at LG. "We want to answer the age old question what came first, the Smartphone or the cover?"
The LG 5 will have an excellent screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels giving it one of the sharpest displays on the market. It will also have a screen display of 5.1 inches and a 4 GB RAM. The phone is set to compete with the Samsung S7 as the most anticipated Android phone of the year. Both companies are giving away teaser features to get the market even more excited through social media.


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