Lil Kim bleaches herself, looks like a completely different person

Her complexion has completely changed, and so has her whole facial structure.
By Tyler Henderson | Jun 13, 2016
Lil Kim is referred by many as the original Queen Bee. She was top of the game in the 90s and was believed to be dating the late B.I.G. But this seems to be when all her self confidence started taking a dent. Biggy eventually married Faith Evans a light complexion half black half Latino lady instead of Lil Kim.

Over the years, Lil Kim has undergone significant changes. The most prominent are her blonde weave. She also seemed to have clothing mishaps with the "nothing but star" nipple situation quickly coming to mind.

She sparked a big controversy when many accused her of having plastic surgery. She quickly defended herself and said she did it for herself and that she loved herself. " It doesn't bother me at all, " she said. People think I did it because I have self-esteem issues, but that is not the case. I think I did it because I was a little too vain."

She recently released a photo and a video on Facebook and Instagram, and her transformation is quite remarkable. She is almost unrecognizable. Her complexion has completely changed, and so has her whole facial structure.

Her transformation struck a hot debate online with many people thinking she is setting a bad example for young women of color. While other judged her for not loving herself. But still other came to her defense, saying many musicians have done it, and no one had castigated them. Whatever way you look at it Lil Kim looks like an entirely different person.


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