Madonna faces ban in Philippines after troubles on tour

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The Asian leg of Madonna's Rebel Heart tour has been steeped in controversy, the latest involving her treatment of the flag during concerts in Manila
By Jason Spencer | Feb 26, 2016
Flag etiquette is held in high regard no matter where you are in the world. And while stateside Madonna wouldn't have gotten into a lot of trouble for wrapping herself in the stars and stripes, that same action in the Philippines could result in a ban.

According to Reuters, Madonna's latest performance in the capital city of Manila put her in hot water as she draped the flag of the country around herself as she performed. There was also a moment when she let the flag touch the ground, though the former is what has caused the most outrage.

"She ridiculed our flag," said Teodoro Atienza. An official from the National Historical Commission, Atienza explained that Filipino law prohibits any form of wearing the flag"in whole, or in part, as a costume or uniform."

While it is unclear what this could do to her tour, which is to promote the singer's Rebel Heart album, Atienza continued saying that this violation could result in Madonna's ban from the country.

"They may face deportation and might not be able to return," he added.

This isn't Madonna's first flag controversy in the East either. BBC reports that while in Taiwan the singer snapped a photo of herself in the center of a blue star design. While the emblem was from the country's past, it is remembered for all of the wrong reasons.

Interestingly enough, wearing the flag of Taiwan sparked more positive reactions from natives. However, Chinese citizens who see Taiwan as a break-away province rather than an independent country were not impressed.

"What a cheap way to get attention from the mainland. Your music isn't very welcome or known in our country anyway," wrote one user on the popular social media platform Weibo, China's alternative to Twitter and Facebook after the two websites were banned.

The offenses will not count against Madonna's stay in Asia as Singapore is the last stop for her Rebel Heart tour before the singer heads off to New Zealand and Australia.



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