Marijuana linked to poor memory

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Their test comprised of their ability to memorize a list of 15 words.
By James Carlin | Feb 20, 2016
The use of marijuana has been attributed to short-term and verbal memory loss. With the rise of states that are legalizing pot in the US, many experts believe that this may lead to the lowering of IQ for many young people.
The study, which was carried out by CBS News, was based on youth between the ages of 17 and 30 years. The youth were examined at three levels, their verbal memory, execution memory, and processing memory. From the group only around 12 percent used the drug until their mid-30s continuously. Surprisingly, all the individuals who used the drug continuously in their mid-thirties show a slow pace in speaking resulting to slow verbal memory.
Their test comprised of their ability to memorize a list of 15 words.These tests help measure all aspects of brain memory. Their attention span, persecution speed, problem-solving skills and overall memory were tested.
"We were really surprised by the findings," said Dr. Reto Auer from CBS News. "The more you smoke, the lower your verbal memory." The researchers concluded that for every five years one took marijuana there was a word short remembered.

Although each person showed different outcomes due to long periods of taking the pot, most of them still showed many similar traits. All the drug users showed significant mental and physical decrease. Their body type was mainly lean with little muscular build.


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