Mars-off heating up between Space-X, NASA, Boeing and others

The race to Mars is heating up with multiple high powered players angling for first contact.
By Adam Widmer | Oct 12, 2016
The race to Mars is heating up with multiple high powered players angling for first contact.

Boeing Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Muilenberg, issued achallenge at the Atlantic "What's Next" conference in Chicago, Illinois.

"[I'm]convinced the first person to step foot on Mars will arrive there riding a Boeing rocket," claimed Muilenberg.

Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of theaerospace development entity, Blue Origin, has also expressed a challenge. This week, Blue Origin conducted a successful test run of the New Shepard escape pod. The Blue Origin test went better than expected.

"Today, we're likely going to lose the New Shepard booster," said Ariane Cornell on the Blue Origin webcast before liftoff on Wednesday. "Today's mission is totally focused on a successful crew capsule escape with the understanding that the booster will likely be lost."

The escape pod went on without concern and the booster was successfully landed and recovered.

On September, 1,a SpaceX rocket exploded during testing. Some have speculated that Boeing, Lockheed Martin, or ULA may have sabotaged the SpaceX test. SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell and owner, Elon Musk, have both dismissed the speculations that one of their rivals might have sabotaged their rocket.

"We believe that the composite over wrapped pressure vessel [the helium bottle], known as a COPv, let go in the tank," explained Shotwell, who believes a CNG car "let go", or exploded.


"Sabotage of the rocket is unlikely, but this article has some great theories :)," tweeted Musk on Wednesday.


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