McDonald's U.S. president to retire

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McDonald's has announced that U.S. President, Mike Andres, will retire.
By Andrew Blake | Sep 19, 2016
McDonald's has announced that U.S. President, Mike Andres, will retire.

Andres has served the company for 30 years and is considered one of the voicesbehind bringing McDonald's into the new age of fast food corporations providing fresher options.

According to McDonald's, Andres will officially retire effective January 1. He will be replaced by high ranking company executive,Chris Kempczinski.

Kempczinski will be the fourth head of the fast food chain since the fourth quarter of 2012.

Kempczinski, 47, joined the company last year from Kraft Foods Group where he served as president of international and vice president of growth initiatives

He is currently the McDonald's executive vice president of strategy, business development and innovation.

"As we thank Mike for his contributions, we are confident Chris is the right leader to build upon our U.S. progress and bring a new level of convenience and excitement to the restaurant experience," remarked McDonald'sChief Executive Officer, Steve Easterbrook.

Easterbrook became McDonald's CEO last year and has made it a mission to improve and progress the foods offered by the company. Most notably, he pushed for the company to offer all day breakfast.

There is speculation that although Andres helped McDonald's become fresher and change drastically, it will look to Kempczinski to help appeal to more health conscious customers.

McDonald's has announced that it will replace all high fructose corn syrup in its sandwich buns with sugar.

They also announced that they will attempt to take all artificial preservatives out of many of its items.



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