Michael Buble undergoes a controversial throat operation to better his voice

She said the procedure had added a few notes to her voice and made her a better singer.
By Ian Marsh | Jun 09, 2016
Michael Buble has taken to Twitter with sad news. He will be MIA for his upcoming shows. He tweeted this news on Wednesday. He announced that he needed to recover from his operation."I wanted you to know I am bowing out of some upcoming events, " said the world famous singer, Michael Buble. He said he was very sorry about two events in particular.
He will miss the Canadian Governor General Performance Arts Awards Gala where he was to be honored. The event is the Mavin Gaye Tribute at the Kennedy Centre scheduled for June 5th.

The singer is a father after his wife delivered a healthy baby boy. Michael joins other stars who have been in the same boat. These singers are such as Adele, Sam Smith. To get better voices all have had operations in their vocal chords.

Adele is among the few who have been open about their procedures. She said the procedure had added a few notes to her voice and made her a better singer.

"The operation makes your voice like brand new," Adele said, the British multi-award singer. She admits that at first she was disappointed the husk in her voice was gone.
Buble gave his fans the reassurance that He will be back even better than before. His doctors were very optimistic that more artist would follow Buble and preserve their voice through this controversial yet effective method. He went on to thank his fans for their support and prayers.

His fans responded back in kind. Tweeting back messages of support and solidarity. Buble is the most recent of the high profile singers to take a sabbatical after a vocal surgery.


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