Mysterious bright object from space identified

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He says that Mentors usually move quicker and do not have a trail of burning debris.
By Ian Marsh | Aug 14, 2016
A bright light was seen over Utah, and many suspected it to be a meteor or a space ship. Many described it as a trail of bright light covering the sky as it moved toward the earth. Twitter went into a frenzy as people posted clips claiming that aliens were finally here.

However, Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center believes that the object was a Chinese space object reentering the earth's atmosphere. He says that Mentors usually move quicker and do not have a trail of burning debris.

Jonathan says that the spaceship was launched about a month ago, according to NASA records and has been making its revolutions close to the earth's atmosphere. He also admitted that such events are not uncommon; in fact, they happen almost on a nightly basis.

But most of the reentries are done in remote locations with little chance of human contact. "Something this big enters in an uncontrolled way probably once a month," McDowell said. "Mostly they fall into the ocean, and the Earth is a big place. The chance that you get one at night, to the U.S. at a time when people look at the sky, it is relatively low."

The last time an uncontrolled shuttle entered the earth's atmosphere, it caused quite some damage in Russia, where it landed on the streets causing destruction and injury. However, the Scientist believes that people should not fear such calamities as most of these shuttles burn out before they get to the earth's surface.


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