NASA changes all the astrological signs

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This means that what you thought to be your zodiac sign may not actually be correct.
By Jeremy Morrow | Oct 12, 2016
NASA has significantly challenged the zodiac beleifs and destribution. According to a post on NASASpacePlace, the celestial sphere does not contain twelve canonical signs but 13. A constellation called Ophiuchus had been overlooked.

Ophiuchus is claimed to be in control of the events of people born between the months of November 29 to December 17. This means that what you thought to be your zodiac sign may not actually be correct.

Ophiuchus also called the snake bearer, has vast implications on the whole western Babylonian-derived zodiac calendar. Adding the snake holder brings a significant effect on the dates of the other zodiac signs.

Annalee Newitz, a Tech Culture Editor explains, "I became a goat, which is way worse than a crab". The crisis brought by the discovery of Ophiuchus was however not all negative; some people were utterly excited by their new stars and their implications for their destiny. Senior IT Reporter Jon Brodkin exclaimed, "I'm an Ophiuchus!!!!". YES!"

Despite the undeniable effect of the positioning of the stars on virtually everything, some members of the scientific society have a relentlessly denied the efficiency of astrology in predicting events. NASA claims, "It is not science, no one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based only on their birth date."

However, Yahoo has a much-nuanced take on the intrusion of Ophiuchus in the conventional Zodiac Calendar. "You may now proceed to enter into a full-blown panic attack." Yahoo explained that some traditions have accepted as many as 24 constellations in their zodiac. So the new addition should not be that much of a surprise.


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