New Amazon tool lets users "Fling" content directly onto their TV screen

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Amazon has just announced the release of "Fling," a toolkit that allows developers to include a function that would send content from mobile devices straight to Amazon's Fire TV.
By Aaron Sims | Nov 11, 2015
Amazon has stepped into the ring to take on competitors such as Apple TV and Chromecast in an effort to provide the best content delivery system to consumers. According to a report from CNET, their new "Fling" toolkit allows developers to build apps that share media content with Amazon's Fire TV.

On Tuesday, Amazon unleashed the Fling software toolkit. The toolkit allows developers to send photos, videos, or music from their Android, FireOS, or iOS devices directly to their TV screens powered by a Fire TV set-top box.

The release helps Amazon compete against other set-top producers like Google and Apple, who already allow content sharing through their Chromecast and Apple TV devices.

When users open apps that have Fling support built in, they will see the new Fling icon appear. When they tap the icon, they will be able to instantly transmit the content on their mobile device to their Amazon Fire TV. If a user, for example, is watching a movie on their iPhone and wants to put it up on their TV screen, they can use Fling to transmit the content seamlessly.

Amazon's Fire TV set-top box, which retails for $99, bears many similarities to other set-top boxes. Users can access Netflix, HBO Go, play games, and now view videos and photos straight from their mobile devices.

With Fling, Amazon's set-top technology has many of the same capabilities that make Google's and Apple's version so popular. Now, it will be up to the consumer to decide which version works the best.


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