New dwarf planet found in our solar system

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This planet lies in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
By David Sims | Nov 03, 2016
Scientists have discovered a planet revolving around the sun somewhere beyond Pluto. This new dwarf planet is called 2014 UZ224 and measure about 530 kilometers (330 miles) across revolving the sun at 13.7 billion kilometers from the sun.

"The new dwarf planet was discovered using an instrument called the Dark Energy Camera (DECam)" David Gerdes, who is a professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan told NPR. The universe is expanding at an accelerated pace, and scientists have called the force powering this expansion "Dark energy" the DECam was made to observe supernovas and the movement of galaxies with the aim of providing more clues as to where the dark energy is or comes from.

The observations from the DECam are being used in the Dark Energy Survey to make a universal map for providing relevant information in the study of "dark energy." The DES has already been useful in the study of Dark Matter which forms about 80% of the stellar mass. According to reports by NPR, it took two years to ratify the discovery of the dwarf planet. The planet's correct orbital path has not been clarified, but scientists think that 2014 UZ224 is the third furthest object in the planetary system.

Before the discovery of the 2014 UZ224, Ceres was the smallest object in the smaller system that earned the title dwarf planet. This planet lies in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
"The object 2014 UZ224 might be too small to be considered a dwarf planet" Gerdes told NPR, "but that will be a decision to be made by the International Astronomical Union," he added.


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