R.R martins give GOT fans some hope

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The author revealed that The Game of Thrones had one or two seasons left to end.
By Kristy Douglas | Jun 13, 2016
The writer of the book; A story of fire and ice has given hope of Game of Throne Fans. He revealed that there may be spin-offs to the how that has an average viewing of 7 million people per episode. With the premiere of the series' season six, many fans are worried that it may be coming to an end.

The author revealed that the Game of Thrones had one or two seasons left to end. He also said HBO is open to making more series from his books. He is an author of many books. He pointed out the book Drunk & Eggs Story would be perfect for HBO to base their next production.

He also thought that making a movie would be the best way to bring his stories alive. "Each of the novels done as a two-hour stand-alone movie would be the ideal what to do them, rather than a weekly series, " he said. That being said, there is certainly no lack of material. Every episode of 'The Naked City' ended with the voice; there 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.

It would be hard for HBO to ignore the impact the series and indeed R.R Martins has brought to the network. Game of Thrones has won 26 Emmys becoming the first series in history to do so. It has also been voted most followed program by both Twitter and Nilsson. The biggest surprise of GOT season six is that Jon Snow will not be featured. Fans are still optimistic about him being resurrected.


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