Razer unveils amazing new Xbox One controller

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Razer has just announced that it will release a new professional Xbox One controller this fall, complete with customizable options and significant improvements over the standard controller.
By Aaron Sims | Aug 29, 2015
The Xbox One is known for its attention to detail for the most serious of gamers, and now fans can even purchase their own custom controllers. According to a report from Engadget, Razer has entered the ring by unveiling its latest version of the tailor-made gaming controllers, the new $150 Wildcat model.

Razer says that it developed the controller using input from professional and competitive gamers, resulting in a 25 percent reduction in weight compared to the standard Xbox controller. The device also has four extra buttons that gamers can customize and assign to a number of different functions. Gamers can program these buttons to quickly shuffle between profiles, adjust volume, or mute the audio.

The controller is also fitted with rubber palm rests and stick covers to provide a better grip when things get a little intense. The controller boasts a unique green color scheme, and will be available for purchase this coming October.

Razer will also release its new Nabu wearable wristband, which will feature a screen that displays notifications. While this won't appeal to gamers directly, the band will include step-tracking and sleep-tracking features, as well as a companion app for iOS and Android. The band will work with "connected apps" like Google Fit, Facebook, and Instagram among others. The band will be released alongside the new controller this fall, and Razer fans are looking forward to a productive season.


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