Romney campaign urges supporters to 'get the app' for VP announcement

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By Tobi Gerdes | Aug 02, 2012
This article was updated at 6:30 a.m. EDT with additional information about the Romney campaign's new smartphone app.

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential selection via a smartphone application, that will be available on both the iPhone and Android. Mr. Romney's announcement will end months of speculation over his VP pick.

The Romney team is running an online campaign building up excitement among Romney supporters with a page on their campaign website advising voters to "get the app." The app will allow supporters to receive the news before the press.

"There's no telling when Mitt will choose his VP. But when he does, be the first to find out with Mitt's VP app. Share with friends and earn exclusive campaign gear, " writes the Romney team on their website.

Mr. Romney's VP selection has become a highly-discussed topic in recent weeks, as the media continues to speculate about who he will pick to face President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in November.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, New Jersey Governor Chis Christie and others have all been mentioned as possible VP running-mates for Mr. Romney. The former Massachusetts governor has said that only his closest advisers know which Republicans are on their short list of vice presidential candidates.

A recent Public Polling Policy poll shows that Mr. Rubio and Ms. Rice would be the only two VP running mates that would help the Bain Capital co-founder win the crucial swing state of Florida.

The Romney team will be the first presidential campaign to release their VP selection through a smart phone application. Mr. Romney's campaign team is also holding a contest to ramp up support for their candidate. During the weeks leading up to Mr. Romney's VP announcement, every supporter that donates to the campaign will be entered to win a chance to meet governor and his running mate. They are selecting one winner each week, which implies that it will be several weeks before Mr. Romney uses the smart phone app to make his announcement.

"Sometime soon, Mitt will be announcing his choice for VP. And every week until the VP announcement is made, one lucky supporter will win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Mitt and his running mate," writes the Romney campaign. "This is an exciting time -- and an even more exciting chance to meet America's Comeback Team. Who in Americawouldn'twant to be a part of this? So fill out your information to be automatically entered for the chance to meet Mitt and his choice for VP in person."



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