Samsung prepares to fight Apple in Supreme Court

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Samsung's request for a new trial over patent disputes with Apple was rejected by the US Federal Circuit Court of appeals on Thursday, and the company seems prepared to take the fight to the top.
By Aaron Sims | Aug 15, 2015
Samsung has chosen to contest the enormousfine leviedfor alleged copyright infringement of two-dozen Apple patents, and the company just learnedthat the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected their appeal. According to a CNET report, Samsung has two choices cough upa hefty sum of cash to Apple, or bring the case all the way to the US Supreme Court.

The US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals decidedon Thursday that it would deny Samsung's request for a new trial surrounding nearly two dozen mobile devices that have purportedly violated Apple's patents. Had Samsung's request for a new trial been honored,attorneys could have a better shot at arguing that the company's products did not violate any patents.

In light of the ruling, however, Samsung now has two options; it can give upits hard-earned cash and admit to Apple that theirpatents were violated,or it can continue to fight the allegationsat the Supreme Court.

A Samsung spokesperson reported, "We are disappointed that our request for an en banc hearing of the US Court of Appeals was denied. For decades, we have invested heavily in developing revolutionary innovations in the mobile industry and beyond. We are confident that our products do not infringe on Apple's design patents," he said, adding that the companywould continue to ensure the protection of its own intellectual property.

Apple made nocomment on the decision. This is certainly not the first time the two mobile giants have disputed intellectual property, and the trial may prove difficult and costly for both.



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