Samsung S8 release date confirmed

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The largest producer of smartphones is set to release their latest flagship phone in February 2017.
By James Smith | Nov 27, 2016
The largest producer of smartphones is set to release their latest flagship phone in February 2017.

They are believed to be targeting Note 7 users, as they had decided to go with a similar design to the exploding version.

With an aim to maintain the same processing ability as the Note 7 they intend to reintroduce a removable battery that well reduces the chance of it exploding.

There is also a rumor that they will remove the home button entirely and make the whole front screen a touch screen.

There is also a rumor that both sides of the phone will have a curved edge with the previous version only having the display side being curved.

The gadget is believed to come in two sizes of 5"1' and 5"4'. Another big rumor is that the phone will be fitted with two cameras at the back each of 16 megapixels. The front camera is believed to be an eight-megapixel camera. However, there is a new rumor that Samsung is working on a new camera and will overhaul all their past cameras.

"It appears like the Galaxy Note 7 disaster has made Samsung more forceful with regards to cell phone producing, " said the Game Guide. "It took years before Samsung could think of an Android cell phone that will encourage take the UI into the more elevated amount of computerized involvement through the up and coming 2017 leader, Samsung Galaxy S8."

It appears that Samsung has taken more thought into their new product instead of being opportunistic like in Note & case where they wanted to take advantage of the drop in iPhone's popularity.


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