Scientists discover how to grind more flavor from coffee beans

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By Adam Widmer | Aug 14, 2016
Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. 80 percent of Americans consume the drink. Two million tons of coffee are consumed in America alone every year. However, the makers of the drink are always looking for ways to make the drink more flavored.

Christopher Hendon, a Ph.D. student at the University of Bath, has discovered that chilling the coffee beans before grinding will help bring out more flavor. The scientist explained by freezing the coffee it acquires a fragile glass-like state that grinds to smaller particles.

The smaller particles have a bigger surface area and dissolve better, giving the coffee a deeper flavor. "If you have small grinds you can push flavor extraction upwards. Explained, Christopher Hendon. We found that chilling the beans tightens up this process and can give higher extractions with less variance in the taste, so you would have to brew it for less time, or could get more coffee from the same beans."

He also stated that his discovery will help reduce the amount of coffee wastage. More of the coffee will be dissolved, leading to less use of the coffee in amount. This will bring both economic and flavor, value to the coffee.

The scientist believes that if the method is the integrated into the coffee making process, it will be above to save the industry millions of dollars every year with less wastage of the coffee beans being experienced.


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