Scientists find cause of latest Ebola outbreak

It is now believed that the Ebola Virus can stay in semen for longer than a year.
By Lila Alexander | Sep 19, 2016
Sexual intercourse may have caused the latest pandemic in West Africa of the Ebola virus. Subject Zero is thought to be a man who recovered from the virus almost 15 months before spreading the virus to a woman.

It is now believed that the Ebola Virus can stay in semen for longer than a year. This time, eclipse the previous estimation of three months. Researchers claim that after the man infected the lady through his semen. West Africa suffered the worst Ebola attack in recent history.

In Ghana at least 28000 victims recovered while countless others died. Ebola spreads through body fluids such as blood and sweat. Though not common, semen may also spread the disease even after a full recovery by the victim. "Before this outbreak, scientists believed that Ebola virus could be found in semen for three months after recovery," said Dr. Moses Soka of the Liberian Ministry of Health. "With this study, we now know that the virus may persist for a year or longer."

Dr. Moses, Soka, and his team carried out tests on 4289 men who recovered from the disease. They recorded that even after a year after a full recovery, 63 percent of the victims still had traces of the virus in their semen. The team also recovered that 9 percent of the surviving victims had traces of the disease, 430 days after their full recovery.

The team has now issued a statement asking recoveries to have protected sex at least for one year after infection. Or all their hard work eradicating the disease would be for not.


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