Sneak peak at 'Lip Sync Battle' Season 2

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It's gunna be great.
By Aaron Sims | Dec 17, 2015
The Jimmy Fallon spin-off show Lip Sync Battle is back on Spike with some top celebrities, and they've released a trailer showcasing some of the performances.

Christina Aguilera might be the highlight so far, since she lip syncing her own song, according to a Billboard report.

There's also going to be a semi-reunion of the Backstreet Boys, and Channing Tatum will be channeling Beyonce -- who may even join him for the bit.

Lip Sync Battle is a musical comedy program that appeared on April 2, and was basically spun off from a recurring bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when John Krasinski first started doing it with the host.

You can view the trailer below:

"Lip Sync Battle" Season 2 TrailerChristina Aguilera! Backstreet Boys! Beyonce? As BuzzFeed's exclusive Lip Sync Battle Season 2 trailer shows, these celebrities will do anything and call anyone to win!

Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Monday, December 14, 2015


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