Stephen Hawking predicts one thousand years left for human life on earth

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Physicist, Stephen Hawking, predicted that homo sapien life on earth has only a one thousand year shelf life remaining.
By Adam Widmer | Nov 18, 2016
Physicist, Stephen Hawking, predicted that homo sapien life on earth has only a one thousand year shelf liferemaining.

The famous, Oxford and Cambridge Universities educated scholar delivered a speech at Oxford University Union in which he encouraged humans to begin the colonization of other planets. Hawking called for the search for habitable planets and the creation of Earth-like exoplanets. According to Hawking, it will be extremely difficult to develop technologies that would facilitate life and transportation concerning such habitats but that there is a deadline by which humanity must figure out the logistics: one thousand years.

Hawking asserted that multiple factors including the likelihood of nuclear warfare and genetically engineered viruses along with human galvanized climate change. Many scientists agreed with Hawking that such threats to our existence are serious and could likely alter dynamically life on earth. Most also disagreed, however, with his belief that life on earth would cease to be after one thousand years.

"It is important to remind [people] that one cannot predict whether a catastrophic event will wipe out humans within the next thousand years," said Emmanuel Vincent, a research scientist at the University of California. "What Hawking is doing here is speculating on the risk that this will happen, and he estimates that the probability of extinction is high. While I agree that this is possible, I would like to emphasize that this primarily depends on how we manage to prevent such catastrophic outcome as a society."


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